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My Application

*bored so I did something
Name: Brandon Bellamy
Birthdate: 18 March 1986

What would you/did you name your children?
Boy: Jeremiah or Brandon
Girl: April Amanda or Brittany Leigh

Top Five favourite bands and why you like them:
- Earth Wind and Fire
*Can't go wrong with the classics, the music transends all and remember that we're all "Shining Stars"
*Having all of their CD's, they're great. My first concert was an Outkast Concert while they were on tour with Lauryn Hill back in '97 I beleive. Yups, box seats in G'boro. But they're just really good, creative and off the chain.
-Jackson 5
* Yea, I'm a special kid and listenin' to 'em its really fun and somewhat relaxing. Plus bein' a band geek what else can you play? (Well also EWF too.)
-The Fugees
* That trio, are a powerful group of musicians who made music that got into you and really made you understand the music. Why can't they get back together?
*I'd think its normally out of my range of music which isn't that broad. But, they're really cool and once I raise the funds I'll go out and buy Fly or Die CD.

What movie would you never want to see again? What made this movie so horrible?
*I'd never want to see the movie Ever After again. I didn't watch it because I wanted to, but 'cause it was on the band trip. It was too predictable, but too serious. Remember, I'd be the one supporting Rush Hour 3, or Undercover Sista.

Favourite on or off Broadway play/musical:
*Paul Robeson's "A Black Nativity", its been a staple in our family every year except for the last four. The Harrison Players at A&T did it every year as a tradition at the school and each year I looked forward to it.

Favourite show when you were little:
*I gotta go with the Cosby Show, it was the only reason my parents would let me stay up past 8pm on a School Night. Well now I can watch it any time thanks to the tapes.

Favourite books/authors:
*Milk in my Coffee, Eric Jerome Dickey
*Autobiography of Malcolm X Malcolm X, and Alex Haley
*Most books by Toni Morrison
* Autobiography of Quincy Jones
* Why do all the black kids sit together in the Cafeteria **forgot the author's name, she's President of Spelman University
*, I can't remember much. Too many books my book interests are usually African-American subjects, Civil Rights, Sociology.

If you found out you only had a week to live, list five things you would do in the time you had left:
*Assuming its next week...
^Go to West VA and gamble at Charlestown Slots
^Get drunk, buck wild and get it on with Alicia Keys
^ Drive to Greensboro again, tell April what I really think of her, do the same with Brittany
^Come back to FCHS and tell the few people who I did like, maybe like and still like what I think of them...phbt.
^Finally kill a few people who needed to die.

If you could make one celebrity disappear, who would it be? Why?
*I'd make Clay Akien disappear because, he isn't the American Idol, Ruben is and in my mixed up mind I think Ruben should be the one with more press than Clay. Like its been said I think there a lil' Hidden Racism in the cards.

Would you be willing to give up ever having sex in exchange for an emotional commitment you knew would last?
*Thats a hard one. So how am I gonna have kids now? So most likely not, I want kids of mine own.

What is the most overrated thing in your opinion?
*The whole debate over Homosexuality. Look, this is how the world has developed and we need to live with the diversity. This weekend out with my friends in G'boro they ran across a flaming waiter... The disrespect they had was unreal... why can't they accept it and go on with it. We cannot change it so lets not highight it but make it apart of everyday life.

Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?
*Yes, I really don't know why but I beleive that my destiny is already laid out for me and I'm just walking down that road only with options to go higher.

If you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why?
*Not leaving Greensboro and going to the Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Missy Concert takin' April and sittin' in my seats in the Carlyle Club area. Yea, that would be cool.

Describe your greatest fear:
*Nobody caring about me, my feelings, wants and needs. I go out of my way for others only not get have people to help me when I need it. There are some exceptions, they know who there are and I thank them for it.

What are your views on-
Abortion: It should be up to the carrier of the fertilized egg/embryo/fetus. There should not be governmental intervention in personal matters such as this.

Same-sex Marriages: The Presbyterian Church USA does not recgonize them, however if two people of the same sex want to be married, let them because of the seperation of church and state. So allow them, maybe that will be add a sense of stablity to the world which is riddled with a divorce rate that is extremely high.

Legalization of Marijuana: Its a multi-billion dollar industry that is high unregulated and by legalizing it is open for regulation, taxation and new industry. Tobacco kills enough, and its profits are still growing lets harness another untapped resource and maybe lower property taxes for us.

This is your last chance to say something: Well I'm finally 18, I got to see two of best friends ( well at least the girls) come into society at the Jabberwock, it makes me so much more want to be in Greensboro. Maybe if I stayed there my social life would have been better. But being in NoVa I've grown more as a person, yea a social life has expanded, more oppuntunities to advance myself. In the last four years I've met alot of really interesting people, learned alot about myself and life. I miss Greensboro, but if I moved back I'll miss here. While this will never be home it will be another place that I can truely say that I felt accepted in. So I count down the days until I leave, but once I do I'll be always looking forward to coming back. Oh yea, damn Senior activities thats the only negative I see oh yea and maybe the Band Director. Thats just the surface of me.♠
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