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What would you/did you name your children?
Boy: Sam...im hoping for girls, so not much thought has gone into this portion of the question.
Girl: Leyla or Alara (pronounced all-are-ah)

Top Five favourite bands and why you like them:
- Bob Dylan, genious musician, music makes me wanna hug a blankie and get comfortable. He is also from minnesota like me and i grew up listening to him. He also has a FINE son...but thats not why i like him. Bob Dylan was a remarkable musician and helped define music for further generations.
- Outkast- Some of the only rap I like. The music makes me want to...get funky per se. Its feel good music that doesn't generally get old and seems timeless. Andre has an amazing voice might I add.
- HIM- The song :right here in my arms: is absolutly amazing...gothic rock at its finest.
- Bob Marley- Perfect music to chill to...fabulous for any mood and makes people feel good. What bothers me though is when people are all like i LOVE BOB MARLEY YEAH! but like only like the songs everyone knows....what a waste.
- Atreyu- Even though you can't understand what they are saying sometimes they have really deep meaningful lyrics...and alot of the ones about love are so true and hit home. Beautiful works.

(as you can tell my music interests vary)

What movie would you never want to see again? What made this movie so horrible? Mafia- remember that movie in the preview where everything seems to be dysfunctional, and a man smiles and he has a watermelon in his mouth...in the spot where his teeth should be? Worst movie EVER. There was absolutly no plot and all the parts close to being entertaining were in the preview. Horrible...

Favourite on or off Broadway play/musical: What the hell, so i thought about this a few days ago, and I declared (insert play name here) to be my favorite play and now i can't even remember...must have not been that much of a favorite I guess. I really like plays though, especially ones with beautiful scenary and costumes that mesmorize young eyes....ahh glorious.

Favourite show when you were little: Peewee! I LOVED that show...well, i loved alot of shows. Remember when TGIF was good? yeahhh me too, Full House, Family Matters...where did it all go? Oh yeah...Pete and Pete and Salute Your Shorts also....nostalgic thoughts hurt :(

Favourite books/authors: Sloppy Firsts and also Second Helpings by Megan Mercafferty. Best books ever. Sure they are Voltaire or anything but they are so addictive and hilarious. I recommend all people read them.

If you found out you only had a week to live, list five things you would do in the time you had left:
~be nicer to everyone, even if i hated them.
~i would party all night long and not do my school work because if im going to die anyway, why bother? hmm one night stand per night sounds nice. WHO cares about stds in the end(ha)!
~Spend time with old friends i have lost contact with.
~Do some kind of daring drug I would otherwise not try.
~ make a will because i wouldnt want to let my stuff go to waste and i would want people to have something to remember me by.

If you could make one celebrity disappear, who would it be? Why? Kirsten Dunst...is that even her name. I HATE HER. Honest to god, if she can make in Hollywood so can I. Shes sucks my anus and acting, its painful to watch her pretend to act. she makes my blood boil...her and her stupid face...

Would you be willing to give up ever having sex in exchange for an emotional commitment you knew would last? hmm, interesting...Good question. But if you had an emotional commitment, wouldn't that eventually end up turning into sex? If that was the case yes. And otherwise, i think i would anyway, sex only lasts so long, emotional commitments last forever.

What is the most overrated thing in your opinion? Vacation. Sure it's fun to get away and hit the beach but for me i cant handle being away from my cell phone and the computer and basically having communication with the outside world. When i go to Turkey in the summer i go nuts. People always tell me how luckey i am, but i don't see it that way. Maybe I take it for granted.

Do you believe in fate? Why or why not? I thought I did, i thought me and my boyfriend would be together forever and that nothing would go wrong. However, we fought all the time and are currently on a break. But when i think about being further without him i get a weird feeling in my stomache and then i think maybe fate is real?

If you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why? Ooohh...tough question, the answer for this may seem shallow since only so much can happen in a day, but my grandpa from turkey is here and answered the phone when my x called and was like ich bin turk, no no no...and it made me mad he felt it was his call of duty to answer MY house phone when he doesnt even speak english. Anyways, i told my dad about it and he got all mad and yelled at me and told me he didnt care about andy ect ect and i got mad and teary and went into my room and read. but i mean COME ON, no ones going to call here anymore. Hmmph...

Describe your greatest fear: My future not working out. I have it all planned, go to usc, proceed to med school, find a hunk, get married, fuck, have cute little babies, be financially secure and live happily ever after...or some thing like that. The fact that it seems attainable and i have my heart set on it scares me the most.

What are your views on-
Abortion: Abortion is good. Sometimes its all a women has and for that reason it is useful. Not to recklessly kill but to prevent a childhood of neglect and complication. Plus, if i was pregnant at this age I know I wouldnt want to deal with it.

Same-sex Marriages: I don't know, im not a homophobe but i just dont agree with it that much. It weirds me out and i feel uncomfortable. Im not one to go protest in the street about it because its not my business...but if people want to marry inside their sex I cant stop them.

Legalization of Marijuana: hmmm, well you know how in Europe kids can drink because theres no restrictions on age and the ones that exist don't mean much? Since its viewed so casually it isnt one of the forbidden things people to because its rebellious. I think it marijuana was legalized it might be the same. I don't smoke, and i never have, but I think this would be better for society...minus the fact it would be abused.

This is your last chance to say something:
I know this is supposed to some profound make it or break it statements but fuck that...i'll make it simple...

A song that makes me tingle is jimi hendrix's version of all along the watchtower....orgasmic.
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