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Name: Jess Dodd
Birthdate: 24/5/1986 [17]

What would you/did you name your children?
Boy: Leigh, but my brothers name is Leigh so second choice would be Gerard
Girl: Winona or Isabella

Top Five favourite bands and why you like them:
- Don McLean because he is the ONLY person who can sing american pie and pull it off.
- Rufus Wainwright because he is the first and only artist thats been able to make me cry (with the aid of I Am Sam as well)
- Pink Floyd for their music of course, but their film is just a complete trip out. Too bad I don't smoke pot because I would love it then more so.
- The Decemberists because I love Colin's voice like I love my anime.
- REM because I mastered singing 'End Of The World' without one mistake. That and for their music of course.

What movie would you never want to see again? What made this movie so horrible?
Dreamcatcher. Do you know how much I hated to check the cinema at work when that was playing?! Just the acting, fakeness and plot all rolled into one that made it shit as. It's one of those films I think that people either love or hate. And I wasn't fond of that spastic kid in it either.

Favourite on or off Broadway play/musical:
My first musical I saw was Beauty and the Beast. Even though it's not the most outstanding musical, it's just got a little place in my heart because that's what started me off on musicals.

Favourite show when you were little:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was extremely pissed off when they started to fade out when I got into primary school, but now are all around. It was the only thing I would borrow from the video library when I had the chance.

Favourite books/authors:
I don't have any one author in mind, but I used to love Hairy McClairy books when I was little because the author had the same last name as me.

If you found out you only had a week to live, list five things you would do in the time you had left:
* Kiss my ex. Best kisser I think I've encountered I'd reckon.
*Tell my dad that he isn't the best parent like he has somehow figured out in his head.
*I'd meet my grandma
*Spend my savings that has been building up since I was in first grade. (approx $4000)
* Go to Ireland

If you could make one celebrity disappear, who would it be? Why? Please please please make Christina disappear! Amen. She has the worst taste in clothes, makeup and one fucked up face. It's just so hard to watch her in anything without making me cringe.

Would you be willing to give up ever having sex in exchange for an emotional commitment you knew would last? I've never been hooked on sex or masturbating, so I don't think I'd miss it terribly, though I'd probably become really horny sooner or later, but yes I would.

What is the most overrated thing in your opinion?
Mobile Phones. How the hell do people rack up so much on them... please do tell me so I can understand. Use your parents phone people! Free free free!

Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?
Hardly. I like the thought that I'm in control of what my life is going to play out like. If it's all done for me, there is just no challenge. It's not that I don't believe in it, it's just that I'd rather if it didn't. It just doesn't seem logical really.

If you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why?
Going off at my manager at work. Less shifts for Jess in the next week or two.

Describe your greatest fear:
Spiders. The way they move, the way they sit and the way they get into places you cannot see because you'll be on edge thinking 'shit when the hell is this thing going to come out and attack me'

What are your views on-

Abortion: There is a time during the development which you'd have to say 'no, thats just too far', but I'd like to see women take care of themselves, so there should be one point during the whole ordeal when it's a cut off line and you've got to live with what you've got.

Same-sex Marriages: I have this obsession with gay people. They are awesome people, and I don't see why they shouldn't be given the same rights as myself. Let the gay people be gay.

Legalization of Marijuana: Legalise it only for certain cases like people that have AIDS and for medical reasons. Since it's natural and not full of washing powder like coke or heroine, so it's not going to kill you in one shot, but it can fuck up your life. Don't let it become legal on the streets. Prescription only.

This is your last chance to say something: Today I realised that Sunshine (the area that my dad lives in) hindus are pretty awesome mostly because on their mini bus in big red letters said 'Smoke Alarms Save Lifes'. Nothing else. Also Final Fantasy 10 is turning out to be completely shit. Hardly any game play and all story. I paid $50 for that damn game.

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